Monday, June 14, 2010


Well my life has had some turns and bends in it lately. I am busy getting ready for our annual Mission Trip. I'm almost done with the Bible School lesson and planning. However God took me on a side trip this past week. I had to have some major surgery. So I'm on a rest only life. That is so very hard. I am trying to get off the pain medicine so when I do things or say things they make sense. It is nice however to have an excuse for my blunders. I will go back to my Dr. on Thursday and that is when I will get the all clear for my trip.

My biggest challenge is temptation. I'm told to do nothing. Well that is just BORING! I am reading a book a day. So yesterday my hubby had to work and so did my daughter. They left me home alone. If you know me that spells trouble. The day started looking beautiful outside. So I wanted to do some laundry. I knew it would be wrong to carry the basket of wet laundry upstairs and hang it out. But I was BORED. The temptation was calling me I felt good too. So I gave in even knowing it was wrong. I carried the basket and hung wash. Well with in an hour I knew I made a big mistake. Why didn't I listen? Why did I give in so easily?

It's just like with our lives and sin. Gossip is a biggie. We know we should share but it is so easy and what harm will it do. Well the harm is how we hurt God. Being disobedient children. He had to pay the price for every time we gave into temptation. So next time you are tempted to do something you know is wrong picture Christ on the cross.

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