Sunday, June 20, 2010

I must say at first I was little depressed yesterday. I think it might be partly to the medication I am on. but things were not going well. The drive was really uneventful. I drove for a bit (got blisters on my hands too) then John took over. We got here it was so HOT and Humid I was glad I just had to stay in our dorm and supervise the unpacking. Then we went to dinner. It was great catching up with Missy again. After dinner I ran to the store to get a few things like milk for my tea. When we got back our frig was not working. I was also missing some people that I wish were here. I was getting depressed. So I went to bed and prayed. During the night God was at work and fixed our Frig and reminded me it is all about serving for Him. When I woke up the frig was working and I was smiling.
It is great each year seeing how people have changed.
for example Jessie and Jamie who were so very quite last year are much more out going and I'm sure will be all hugged out by our craft lady by the end of the week.
Today we went to 2 different churches. The one I went to did a full 1 hour & 45 minutes of tribute to Dad. The best was the baby and nursery singing to the their dads.
After church we set up for Summer Adventure (VBS). Then it was back to the dorms and had dinner and our nightly meeting.
Please friends pray for our friend Reggie here at World Vision he is having open heart surgery at 8:00 AM tomorrow.

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