Sunday, April 11, 2010

Faith Stretch Marks

Do you have Faith Stretch Marks? They come in all kinds of signs. They are both negative and positive ones. Here are a few: gray hair a wrinkle, a peaceful look, lack of sleep, a smile or frown. It all depends how you handle them. What cause them you may wonder. It is cause by life. By challenges and situations you are faced with. I have had my share over the past year.

Last summer I was excited about our Children's Summer Sunday School however it didn't turn out the way I planned. Was it a failure? Yes in some ways but I used it as a growth and got a few stretch marks. Now it is time to plan this summers and it is scary but I am relying on God for directions.

My in home child care. I've had many great parents and children in my home over the years. From time to time one parent challenges me because they want me change the way I do things to meet just their child's needs and not be concerns about the others in my home. I had one of those situtation recently. The mom and I agreed it is best for her daughter to have a more one on one child care so she with drew her child. My christian values will not waver in my providing care for children even if it meant a cut in pay. I got a few stretch marks.

A family member that don't speak to me even though I give my heart to them. I have no clue why. I need to trust God that their heart will soften and when they come to me I have a heart to hear and accept what they have to say. These marks are still growing.

Leading the Sunday School department at church. I often hear complements. I hear them weekly but I need to have a concerning heart to those who have concerns. I need to be approachable to them and listen. When a child goes to mommy and daddy with a concern and they in turn come to me I need to take this seriously. I then need to put my faith in God's leading to see if changes need to be make. What is best for all the children. God cares for every child so I need too.

Summer mission trip is going to be very different yet the same this summer. I feel God is going to work in me major this June. I feel it may be very hard on me. You know the unsettling feeling one gets. It will be life changing but will I be willing to let it change me. If I fight it the stretch marks grow deeper. I don't like change and I like control. I can see it will be a year without control and changes. Lord I need to hang on it will be a "wild ride" as they say.

So my Faith marks are growing but with God's guidance He will smooth them out.

So how do I heal with Faith Stretch Marks? I need to have accountability with my time with
God. I need to be spending time with God daily in prayer (which meanings listening too) and studying His word. I come to this challenge now. Finding an accountability partner, any willing takers?

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Oh the stretch marks I have! I guess the become kind of like the road map of where you have been with God. :)
I you...that the time I am entering is going to stretch me in a way I have never been stretched before. I am looking forward to it....but at the same time wanting to make so sure that this is where He is taking me.
I have been so slack in my Bible time and prayer has not been something that I have spent real time in. When I feel that touch to my heart...I pray. But then I think about the fact that just like in a friendship you have to spend more time talking and sharing other than when times are rough.....I need to be doing the same with Him. It is sad that life can so quickly push Him to the back burner. I need to be spending time with Him listening to His plan for my future. I do have a concern that I may be leaning to my own understanding...that does scare me.
So....what are your plans for getting things back on tract...or moving forward successfully? I think this is something that I would like to discuss. :)
Life is so crazy right now....and I don't want to make any wrong turns. I don't want any stretch marks that don't benefit Him. ;)