Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letting Them Fly

I'm at the stage in life where I need to let go. My kids are growing up and Mama Bird needs to let them fly. My dream for life wasn't there their dream. I dreamed they'd grow up go to school, get married and live in our home town. So we would visit often and Hubby and I could have a house filled with grandchildren. We would be called to baby sit and would love it.

Well they have their owns dreams and they are doing great with it. Our oldest daughter live far enough away that it means a day visit and no calling Grammy and Pappy to baby because they felt like going to a movie that night.

Our son will be graduating from college (VA) this May and moving to W. VA. to work with
World Vision. We are proud of him but it means very few visits. Somewhere along the way I messed up and didn't teach him to call Mom & Dad and let us know how he is doing and what is going on so we won't hear from him often.

Our youngest lives at home while going to college and will graduate this May also. She has a job and will continue on for her Masters. We are ok with her living at home. I know some people think we should get her to move out since she is 22 but we want to help her out financially at this time. We need to let her make her own appointments, handle her medical bill problems, deal with adult situation on her own but she keeps coming to us to solve them. If we don't she gets difficult to live with. She is the baby and use to getting her away. I messed up where and didn't teach her people manors.

Well we need to let go and let our children have their own dreams but mostly let them handle their own situations like any adult has too. We can be here for advice but they will have to do the work themselves. We can't keep bailing them out. We need to give them their wings and let them fly.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

You know hubby makes a point of texting our son every morning to tell him that he is praying for him. I don't hear from him that often...usually when those bumps in life take place he calls Mom to listen and pray.
I am glad that he is finally starting to get his act together and figure out what he wants in life.
I too know that it is hard to let them go...part of that for us was refusing to pull him out of anymore "ditches".It is hard...but I almost feel like his respect for us did not really start to grow till he had to do it on his own.
It does sound like you have done a pretty good job with your children. :) I am sorry that they are not closer...I know that is rough. I know you are proud of all they have accomplished.