Friday, March 12, 2010

Fasten My Seat-belt

I had a few really good and fun days. Then God said I was getting a little comfortable.

1) I was talking with someone who pointed out they notice a difference in me since I'm not in a steady bible study lately. They said they see my "laziness" toward God when I'm not doing a bible study. What it comes down to is I'm not studying God's word so I'm not giving much time to God. I'm filling my day with other things and leave God out. When I am doing bible study I spend a large amount of time in the Bible, praying and researching on the Internet what I'm studying. So I am now trying to discipline myself to get back into a study and asking God what's He is trying to teach me here.

2) The other night when hubby got up to go to work at 2:30 AM he found out 2 or our cars and one of our friends car we had were broken into. So I found myself standing in my PJ's and robes at 3:00 in the morning talking to the police for an hour. I think our pride was hurt and that is what bothers some of us the most. So I find myself asking God what's He is trying to teach me here.

3) I was hurt by a lie. Back in January I had a conversation with someone and we both agreed not to do something. Then I found out yesterday they went ahead and did it any way and told more lies to people and now it is going to cost me money that is not budgeted for. What bothers me if they wanted to go ahead and do it they should have just said so. I was fine with it. There reason was they felt I would argue with them. I can honestly say I would not in this substitution.
But what really bugs me is why would they think I would argue? Are they seeing something in me I am missing? I guess I need to be asking God what's He is trying to teach me.

I guess God is about to do some major work in my life so I better fasten my seat-belt and get ready for a change.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Wow can I identify with you in this post.
When I am not in study things just slip. You know I have asked God why He doesn't give me a study to lead...and yet somehow I think He is trying to tell me that He wants me to learn that I am capable of keeping at it even with out a study. It has been a long journey for me. I do know that He is trying to get my attention about this.
You know I also notice that when I am on a schedule my life with Him is better...that schedule is about to start again....and I do hope it will help.
I am so sorry about your car getting broken into. We had that happen a few years ago. We had a little bit of a mess to clean up...they did spend some money.
But I think the thing God revealed to me was that He allowed them in our lives so we could pray for their salvation. I really expect to see them in heaven. :)
You keep walking girl...that you are having these questions and evaluating you life...I would think that was a good thing. Or maybe I should have said..that's a God thing. :)

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