Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Is For The Pigs

This blog is for the Pigs out there. Keep your flu to yourself! Yes the H1N1 (swine flu) has hit my house hard. I don't know who brought it into the home and I don't really care either. In a matter of about 3 days every child I care for, my daughter and myself have it. One of the babies ended up at the hospital. They are now saying it was a reaction to the medication they gave her. My advice to anyone who has a cough and a slight fever go to your dr. Get the Tamiflu shot.

Thursday afternoon one of my moms call to tell they are at the hospital with the baby she has the Swine Flu. Thursday night around 11:30 I started with a cough. So I went out on the couch so hubby could get some sleep he had to get up at 2:00 AM to go to work. By 2:00 I had a slight fever and could take a deep enough breath to use my asthma inhaler. So around 5:45 AM I call the family I b-sit for to say I think I got it and can't b-sit. Thankfully they have a grandmother who could help with child care.

Breathing was so hard for me so I called the dr. They take me right away. She said my chest was real tight she would give me a breathing treatment but was also going to give me the a strep throat and flu test. She already told me I had an inner ear infections. The first few minutes of the breathing treatment were hard I keep cough but I guess enough medicine was getting in my lungs because I soon settled down and could breath easier. My results are back and yes I have H1N1 and strep too. I get the Tamiflu shot and head to the drug store for my 3 RXs to fill. The first drug store was out of the main one so they sent me to another store that had it. I'm doing all this while contagious. Don't you think the Dr. should of called it in and then I could of went to the drive up window? Well after sitting and waiting 20 minutes I get my meds and go home to cough and doze off and on all day. I felt worse then I ever remember.

It's been 2 days and I am feeling better just no energy and still coughing. The breathing is better but I do believe another breathing treatment would help more. Last night a wonderful friend emailed me and asked if she could drop off dinner for us. What a blessing that was. I didn't have energy to cook and money wise if we got take out it would of been Burger King. Not the best when you are sick. The meal was Sooooooooo good. Thank you Marie!! This morning I made a list of everything that needs to get done around here. By the time I was done writing I was exhausted. There are only 8 items on the list! It has been 24 hours with out a fever now so they say I'm not contagious but I felt it best to stay home from church today just to be extra safe. Beside they don't want to hear me coughing all morning.

Our Amanda has it too but she refuses to go the Dr. I told her if she is still bad Monday I'm calling she has no choice. Well she is 22 yrs. so yes she does but I'm not telling her that. I'm guessing it is only a matter of a day or two are hubby will have it too. I pray not.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Well they say that you have either had it or know someone who has had it. Julia had the yuck but it was not near as bad as what you are experiencing.
I am glad you made it through and that it did not cause more problems with your asthma.
And I will go ahead and thank God for protecting your hubby.
Hope all is clearing up in your house....take care.