Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Kids

I hope you will forgive me, I just want to take a moment and say I'm a proud Mom. Our daughter who is in her junior year of college found out last week she has been accepted into National Honor Society. She said her professor said only 10 students were accepted. It is based on their grades. She is seeking her degree in Sociology. She hopes to work in the adoption field.

We were proud of her before this too. I am very proud of all my kids. When they were in high school I use to think why don't they get recognized for thing like it seems all their friends were. But I've come to realize my kids are the top at all they do.

Our oldest daughter is following her dream. She use to say she didn't really want to go to college and spend all that money because she wanted to be at home when she had kids. Yes hubby and I would of liked to see her go to college, if she wanted too. We found ourselves defending her decision many times her senior year of high school. We want all our children to follow their dream.

I remember our son's sophomore year of high school. He wanted to attend the high school vo-technical school. However our high school wants kids to do college prep and continue on to college. I remember getting a call from the school one day. They told us our son's grades are not bad but not that good either and did I know he wanted to go to "vo-tech" instead of college? I said I did and that is fine with us. The following year he did attend "vo-tech" and made honor roll. The first few years after high school he was in the work force of the world. Then the time came when he felt God leading him to go back to school. He too is a junior in college seeking a degree in Biblical Studies.

When I look back to those high school years wishing they got the same recognition as others I'm glad they didn't. It showed them they needed to search their hearts and try harder to go for their dreams. I don't know what their futures hope but I know it will be God's perfect plan for them.


Denise said...

Congrats to your dear daughter, you have some awesome kids.

Talk..to..Grams said...

You have some very neat kids!! Congrat to your daughter! You have done a great job in raising them. Hugs, Grams

Kathy said...

Don't apologize for being proud of your kids! Us moms have to do some bragging about them or we'll burst!