Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I heard a clip from Gary Chapman on the radio. He was interviewing a lady who was very strong during the feminise movement but has since changed. She said some good did come out of it but we took to much. For example equal pay if you can do the same job is a good thing.

At one point she talked about homes were created to be the place where we teach our children christian values and God's word. Our homes were to be a place we could visit with believers and non believers a like. But she went on to say we turned out homes into museums. We made our homes into a show case of who we are and what we like.

I didn't get to hear more because I arrived at Burger King for lunch at that point. But it sure gave me something to think about.

So I gave some thought to what is my home like? Why do I want "things" for my home? Many years ago people didn't care if the sofa was worn they just tossed a blanket on it. People went to visit with others instead of visit by phone or over the Internet.

Next my mind wandered to what changed for the man/women relationship. Men are not as willing to open car doors or take a women's hand like in the past. Lets say once one is married that seems to slowly stop. Or walking a women to the table when you are out at friends to eat. I also noticed guys don't put their arms around there wives much either anymore.
I'll have to ask my hubby what he sees changed in women behavior.

That made me think of a comment I heard Dr. Phil said and told my hubby about it recently. Women look at a man taking the trash out as an act that says "I love you" men look at it as job.

Well that is just what I've been thinking about today.


Denise said...

Good thoughts to think about my friend, love you.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I like your thoughts....:)
Intimacy has been lost. We seem to prefer the illusion of perfection. Sad.
But God can change things back...not the bad stuff...but I do have a man who has begun to see what things are important. It is great to feel that one is being honored.
Maybe we all exchanged honor and respect for something that leaves us feeling lonely and neglected.
But it can change.
(my thoughts) :)