Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Cat's Story

Three years ago Fred and Wilma were born. Fred is the bigger of the two cats. They are very different. Fred loves, paper bags, bread ties and sleeping on the bed with you. Wilma or Wil as we later find out loves plastic bags, rubber bands and sleeping almost anywhere.

Wil was always our trouble maker. If there was mischief we would usually find Wil was involved. Wil is the one who would steal Jesus from our manager at Christmas time.

Well yesterday Wil came running to me crying. I reached out and pet him. Only to feel something sticky and said. "Now what did you get into?" When I looked closer I saw a long gash in the tail. Hubby held the cat while I looked closer and the blood was running out. So off to the Vet ER. They admitted Wil for surgery. As it turns out there were 2 punctures along with the long gash. The Vet says it went right though the nerve. They are not sure the tail will be saved we will have to wait and See. Six stitches later and an empty bank account we bring Wil home. He comes home with his tail bandaged up and one of those satellite collars on. Sometime during the night Wil gets his tail stuck between my daughter's desk and the wall and pulls the bandage off. So today I had to make another trip to the vet to have a new bandage replace.
Here is a picture of Wil without the bandage. Sorry it is so blurry I took the picture with my cell phone and Wil wouldn't stay still

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Denise said...

Poor kitty, so sorry.