Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Story

I decided to share my Christmas Story/ Adventure with you. So sit back and see if you can figure out what God is doing in my life.

This story starts on an October morning. My mom, Aunt and I go to breakfast then off to do some shopping. We thought we would get a jump on the Christmas rush. My problem this year was what to get Hubby. How could I top last year. Last year I got him the NASCAR racing experience. As we were out and about we were looking in every department, the idea came to me. A pool table. Hubby always wanted one. So I spend the next few days searching for the best buy. I find a pool table that would be perfect for him and put it on hold. How could I get it home? I figured when our son was home from college I'd ask him to get a friends truck and pick it up. But where would we keep it?

In the mean time back at home we start having major problems with our bathroom and the bills kept growing. So I decide a bathroom is more important than the pool table and I knew hubby would understand and completely agree with my decision. So I cancel the pool table and get my money back.

I never stressed out or worried about the money. When we didn't have hot water I was willing to go a few days or weeks without it. I was so calm about the problems we were having. Thankfully we got everything fixed with the help of some very special people.

Then on Dec. 15th I was given a large sum of money (large to me) to finish my Christmas shopping. I still didn't get a gift for hubby so now what. The pool table was no longer available.
I knew he enjoyed playing Wii at our daughters so I though could I find one? I started calling around and the stores were sold out. I turned to ebay. I buy and sell on ebay often and for many years.

I find a few of them. One was bidding with also a "buy it now" or so I thought. I was bidding but as the price kept going up I did the buy it now. So I pay through pay pal. Then I receive notice I was high bidder and needed to pay. I had thought my pay didn't go through on the "buy it now" so I paid again. As you are probably guessing I won and paid for 2 Wii. As soon as I realize what I did I contact the one seller and she was very understanding and refunded my money. Now I wait for the Wii to come. I wait and wait. I re-read the shipping info and it says I will receive it in 4-6 days. It is going on 2 weeks and it Dec. 22nd. Now before I bid I checked this guys feed back and read all comments listed. He had 100% positive feedback. But on this day I notice 33% positive. I read and find out at this point 2 others bought a Wii from him, he took the money and never delivered. I contacted Ebay and pay pal. They give me the guys phone number and we tried several times to reach him. He doesn't answer. So I file a fraud claim with pay pal.

But I still don't have a gift for hubby. I leave the house because I'm upset and can't let hubby know plus I had to get him a gift. My sister tells me to buy him a Wii game and tell him the story and you will get a Wii as soon as I get my money back from pay pal. So I head to Game Stop store. I call my daughter and we decide to get him a game and gift card for the value of the Wii. That is what I would do. They store clerk tells me they have Wii in the back room but are not allow to sell them the week of Christmas because of price gougers.

On Christmas morning before the others are up I'm checking email and in there is message from Ebay. The guys now has 5 people he scammed and they give me the information I need to take to my police station and also the information on how to contact the local police in the sellers area. They tell me it will be 30 days before I get a refund.

Christmas morning hubby open the gift and I say let me tell you a story. We were laughing on how this turned out. He was good with the way I handled things.

Saturday morning I called the Game Stop at 9:00 and they said they had 3 Wii. I said I would be right there. They said they don't open till 10:00. I find it interesting they answered the phone before they opened, most stores wouldn't have. I was there at 10:00 picked up the Wii and as I was leaving the store I called Hubby and told him I had his Wii in my hands and am heading home.

Saturday was a busy day so we didn't get around to hooking it up. So Sunday Hubby tired to hook it up. We tried to hook it up on a few of our TVs the only TV it worked on was the TV in our daughters room. So hubby played a little but then he had to put it way and I said I would call the company in the morning. The next morning I called my sister to tell her my new problem and she asks her 6 year old son how he hooked his up. He got one for Christmas. Yes you guessed it my 6 year old nephew talked me though hooking up our Wii.

Now we are enjoying playing Wii at our house.



Sharon Brumfield said...

Wow...what a journey and a test! And girl I think we can safely say that you passed it.
Way to go trusting God to work it all out. Maybe it will turn out to be something that the two of you can enjoy together.
He does reward our faithfulness!

Denise said...

This is one test that you truly passed my friend.