Friday, December 5, 2008

Nativity Scenes

Christmas means

My hubby was not raised in the best of homes. His father was not a person you want any child to have as a father. One day hubby stood up to father and that resulted into him being kick out of the house. He went to live with friends. That is when I met him. The first year we were married the family that he lived with, the mom asked me to put some Christmas decorations on lay-away at the store she worked at. She bought those decorations for us for Christmas. So the first big purchase we made in decorations was this Nativity scene above. It was from "Home Decor" some of you may remember those parties.

I just have to add this second nativity and it's story. It was Hubby's mothers. When she past this was given to us. It plays Away In The Manger. Our youngest daughter kept it in her room for many years. It is very special to the whole family. Last year I wrote a blog called The Cat Who Stole Christmas this is the nativity our Cat just loved. This year we were sad when we unboxed it. One of the wise men has been decapitated. We still had to put it out because of the memories that come with it. No the baby has not been moved this year yet.


Denise said...

I love Nativity scenes.

Sharon Brumfield said...

What sweet memories come with the top nativity. How blessed your husband was to have a family that take him in. I love the nativity.
I had to laugh about your decapitated wise man. The first nativity I bought..the figurines were made of some type of porcelain/glass. Julia loved playing with them..they weren't expensive so that was fine. One day Mary's head was found not connected to her body.
No one would ever admit who the culprit was. :)
We still have the nativity...Marys head is back on but she has ring around the collar. ;)