Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Stinker

This was our ornament we choose in 1993. It is hard to see but it is a skunk. This is our little stinkers story.
The Summer of 1993 we were having "backyard club" at our house. They are put on by a church whose mission project was to go into small and new churches and provide a daily bible school for a week someones backyard. That family is to invite the children in their neighborhood.
One day we saw a skunk outside and our neighbor told us skunks out in daylight usually are rapid. So we had moved the kids indoor and contacted the local police. They came around but this little stinker wasn't seen. A day or so later I had gone to the gym for a workout and came home to excited kids and story to tell. It seems the skunk made an appearance so hubby called the police. When the officer arrived the skunk was sitting under our tree. The officer decided the skunk was most likely rapid so he needed to be put down. He asked hubby if he had a hunting riffle. Hubby did but told him he didn't have bullets. The officer said no problem. He gave Hubby the bullets and let him shoot the skunk. (The kids were in the house out of harms way). The officer asked hubby to shook the skunk so he would have fill out a report. Then the officer loaded the skunk into his trunk, thanked hubby and left. Back then it was all paper work and triple form. Our front yard smelled for several days
So that is our story on my a skunk has a place of honor on our tree each year.


Denise said...

Woo Hoo, lol

Sharon Brumfield said...

How funny!
What a great memory....glad he didn't get the kids while you were gone. I think the smell would have lingered longer than a few days. ;)
Cute memory, cute ornament.