Monday, December 15, 2008

God Went

I heard something on the radio today that got me to thinking. They were talking about Billy Graham's daughter on the Today Show. She was asked why would God allow things like Katrina. Her reply was very interesting. I don't remember the exact words but they were something like this.

People have spent years asking God to stay out of our school, government, and any public place. Then when God does go out of those places those same people say how can a loving God allow things like School shooting, terrorist attacks and disasters. They asked God to go away and God went.

That really got me to thinking. People say they don't believe in the bible so don't teach it to my child. They don't believe in Don't Kill. It's in the bible. So no wonder there is so much murder. We are told Don't steal. Thanks now we need to lock our homes and cars when we go places. We can't be ourselves we have to think about what someone might do to us or others because we don't believe the bible.

Now those people have the nerve to ask us How can our Loving God be so unloving? What do they except they don't want Him to touch their lives. They asked Him to leave and He went.

I'm glad I know my loving God will not walk away from me.


Denise said...


Sharon Brumfield said...

Amen girl!
I have heard some people say He is a gentlemen...and it is true.
He pursues and then He waits. If we acknowledge Him He steps into the middle of our lives and offers protection and guidance.
We do live in a world that would rather He just not touch any part of them. And so the one they are touched by brings pain and discontent. It is pretty sad.
Yes, I am glad He promises to never leave us.