Friday, December 12, 2008

God's Cactus

This Christmas Cactus is about 10 years old. I took this picture about a week ago and must say today there are many more flowers on it. But when I wonder why I have taken a liking to this cactus I feel it must be because it is God's word to me. Don't think I'm losing my mind I'll explain.

My Cactus blooms a few times a year. The main two times is Christmas and then Easter. I know Easter is not the same time every year it could be in March or April but my cactus seems to know when Easter is. These are two very important times in the life of Christ.

Now think of the plant. Without flowers it is just a green vine not something that would drawl ones eye to it. Then one day you see the buds. You watch it closely till it blooms into something beautiful. Then next thing you know day after day new flowers are appearing. We are those buds. When we are walking closely with God to those who are viewing us closely they see something beautiful. They should, if we are living our lives for God and He is beautiful. It should drawl others to want to bloom into that beautiful flower. They want to be that bud that blooms.

So you have the reasons I like my God's Cactus.


Denise said...

Very nice my friend.

Linda said...

That is a beautiful analogy.
My Christmas cactus never blooms on Christmas. It seems to prefer Easter. I'm sure it is my lack of gardening skills. Still - it really looks lovely at Easter!

the voice of melody said...

I like the illustration you make. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I love your Christmas Cactus. I used to have one a long time ago. I thought it was so cool that it bloomed at this time of year. Odd yet cool.
I pray that when people look closely at me they see the beauty of Him.
I know that is easy to do when i am out of the home....the real test is at home. ;)
Good illustration.