Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Little Hug.

Hugs come in different forms. You have the quick hug and release. My friend Colleen says this is often me. I give a quick hug and one arm hug. Then you have the full embraced hug. My friend Gillian is the best with this. We just wrap our arms around each other and feel the comfort it provides. Lastly you have the hold me hug where you can just sob in someones arms. I experienced this hug when my father pasted and my Aunt Charlotte gave me the hug and left me sob in her arms.

I think God gives us all three of the hugs at different times. This week I received two quick hugs from God.

I was not feeling good about the outcome of the election. I've been dwelling on this to long I think. I came to the thought this will wake people up to pray more for our country and leaders.

But then yesterday God sent me a quick hug through a friends email. Bonnie sent me an email to remind me of the people in the Old Testament who were unhappy with their leader/king. They wanted a change. They didn't like the way their country was going. So they begged for a new leader. They got their new leader and it turned out worst. It took them further from God. But as we read God later provided a Man of God. Anyway reading her email was a hug from God saying I hear you dear one.

Then I heard from God once again later that day. If you read my blog you read "My Little Place" on Monday. I wanted to hear praise from my family but God reminded me it is He alone I do things for. Well yesterday, I had a roast in the cock pot and when one of the moms came to pick up her son she said to me. "Your house is always so homey. Now it smells homey too." As I thanked her I'm thanking God too saying "I hear you Lord, thanks for the hug."

So look for the little hugs too. They do feel good.

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Denise said...

Hugs from God are so comforting my friend.