Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

OK so maybe some of you would not agree with me at first but please read the whole post.
I am thankful the Phillies won the World Series. I am just so excited. We live about 90 minutes from Philadelphia. Last night as I watched the last few innings I was getting so excited. Then the win came and I was dancing in my living room. But as I am dancing with joy the tears started.

You see my dad was a huge Philly Fan. I hit me, I wish my dad could have been here to enjoy this. Why couldn't he have lived long enough. But just as quickly I acknowledge God's will for our lives and I was giving God Thanks for the memories of my Dad. I started thinking of the times we watching the baseball game together. I starting thinking about the things I learned from him during those times. I can remember as a little girl sitting with paper as he explained the game and I would try to keep score.

So you see I'm Thankful for the memories of my father.


Denise said...

Bless you sweetie, I understand. I miss my mom and brother so much. But, we will have a beautiful reunion in heaven one day soon. I love you.

Sharon Brumfield said...

What a sweet memory of you and your Dad.
Sometimes the sweet things come with tears and joy. One day I will get to meet this Dad of yours that I prayed for....I was so glad to be a part of the saints praying for him and his salvation.
Now that he is home with our Father I just know that he is thanking our Father for you today too. :)
Love ya girl....soon we will see them face to face. said...

I am so glad you have happy memories of your Dad and baseball. Bless your heart that had to be hard.
I am so happy he is with Jesus!! Hugs, Grams

Linda said...

Such a sweet post Sandi. I'm glad you have those special memories of your Dad.

Nikki said...

When I heard the phillies were in the World Series, I actually said to Steve it's because Pappy is up in heaven helping them out this year!

Kathy said...

I'm glad you have such good memories! I know the win must have really made you think a lot about him and how much he would have enjoyed it.