Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Friday

Not a great picture but there is Ryan ready for his first Halloween.
It has been a busy week once again here. Sunday I start choir practice a church for our Christmas program. The first part of the week I was cleaning the house. These last few days I have been caring for 3 babies. Takes a lot out of me. I still need to finish my Sunday School lesson for this week. Oh yes, I did finish one book and start another. I also ordered my Christmas reading books. I sure do love to read.
Hubby cleaned his side of the bedroom up this week. As you can see from a previous post hubby had lots of fun playing with Ryan when the family came to visit. Hubby also now has his own facebook. He keeps talking about raking leaves but hasn't gone out to rake. It has either been, snowing, raining, sleeting or just to cold. We had odd weather this week.
Amanda is so happy it is Halloween. That means to her a marathon of the TV show Ghost Hunters.
Our son has papers to write for school. I guessing he is struggling. As writing papers where never his strong point in high school.
Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing well. I am looking forward to hearing how Ryan enjoys his first Halloween and wearing a costume.
Mom is doing good. She is busy cooking and baking.
Here is an update on the baby twins I had ask for prayer. As it has been said the "hospital stuff" is now off their face. The parents can now hold the babies. Jonas who has the heart problem is doing well on medication. The meds are controlling his heart rate.

5 comments: said...

Your little grandson looks so cute and he will have a good time tonight!!!
You took care of 3 babies !!! Good night, nurse!!! No wonder you are tired! That is enough to take the stuffings out of you dear, Sandi!
I have watched little ones before and taking care of babies is not so easy!!!
You rest up now!! Hugs, Grams

Linda said...

I know how tired you must be feeling Sandi. They are a delight, but it is hard work.
Sounds like all is going well with your family. I'm so glad.
Have a blessed weekend.

Denise said...

Your grandson is so cute.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Sounds like things are busy!
I love to read too but I can get so lost in it....kind of like the computer if I don't watch myself.

That is a cute little one....there is still some innocence in the world.;)

Take care of yourself.

Cherie said...


Thanks so much for your prayers for our twins! Elsa and Jonas are doing very well, and we're hopeful that they'll be home sometime in the next week/week and a half. They've been moved to a closer hospital, so we get to visit them more often!

It's been a long few weeks, but we're encouraged by their daily improvements!