Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Having The Power of God

Proverbs 25:15
Patience can persuade a prince and soft speech can crush strong opposition.

The above Proverb was my "Proverb for the Day" in my devotions. It was so good to read. I have lately been thinking and praising God for his power. We are told me can have his power. How can I have God's power? Well I think if we just apply the wisdom from Proverbs.

If you think about patience and the outcomes that come about. When you are patience things usually have very good results but when you rush, things don't go so well. I know for me when I am rushing to get something done that is when I start making mistakes and it takes longer. When I take my time and doing things with patience it goes much easier.

Now look at your speech. Did you ever walk in to a large group, walk to the front of the room, look at the people and just start talking quietly? The whole room quites down. What about a disagreement with someone who is yelling. Just talk quietly. They will soon calm their voice. People around them will think that the person yelling is in the wrong and they look bad. I also found if you keep having to raise your voice to quite a room full of children you will soon end up with no voice or only a whisper. Guess what they will quite down so they can hear you.

Your tone of your voice is powerful. You to can have God's power.

On another note I had my doctor appointments yesterday. Went to the allergist. I'm starting with a virus so he increased my asthma medicine. Went to the Vet, Milo had his stitches taken out and is now fully recovered. Went to the eye Doctor, she told me my nerves in my eye are diseased but not enough to have to take any kind of action yet. I will need to go yearly and have tests to watch for changes.


Denise said...

Praying for your eyes, and your virus. This was a very nice post sweetie. said...

That is so true about talking in a quiet voice!! Praying that your eyes get healed and your virus, too. Hugs, Grams

Sharon Brumfield said...

Well, that is unsettling about your eyes.I will continue to pray about this..I am glad that she did not think it was serious.
And I am glad they caught the virus so they could start you on some meds early. Take care and don't over work yourself.
You are right about our voices. I have found the heat argument come to an end with a quiet voice. And I have heard a quiet voice with the wrong tone..bring a person to tears. How we need the Holy Spirit to change us and teach us.

Linda said...

There is so much wisdom in Proverbs. You've said it very well.
Hope you are feeling well!