Monday, September 15, 2008

God Completes Me

I want to thank you for your prayers this past week end. My sore throat was no more when I woke up Saturday. As for my challenge with just learning power point, I did very well. Our only main problem was video and that was because it was so quite. Thank you for asking how it went.

I learned a few key points some the speakers said and some God gave me. You see Saturday night we had a drama and emotionally God woke me up about something in my life.

1) I am God's little girl. I'm chosen not picked last.
To be called someones little girl after losing my dad this years was comforting. I always knew God is my Father, Dad but to hear the words I'm His little girl, was a blessing.
Then I was that girl picked near the end for games in Gym class. But God Chose me forget picking.

2)Your Father always catches you and always will.
The speaker showed a picture of her husband tossing her then young son into the air. Her son had no doubt his Father would catch him and had a joy about it. When I feel tossed into the air I don't often have joy and do I real trust my Heavenly Father will catch me. Do I really?

Now the things God spoke to me.
1) Is God truly enough for me? Why won't I let Him be enough?
I look to family and friends to fill what I see as a void. It really isn't avoid, no it is something I want or long for but I'm not letting God fill it. In John 14:8 Philip says "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us". All I need to do is to have a true relationship with the Father and that will be enough. I need to make God my number 1. I say he is number one but he really isn't.

2) Let God be my best friend.
I can ask Him anything, tell Him anything and He will love me just the same. I can trust God to forgive me. I can trust God to act powerfully for me. Yes for me!

Even the music moved me. All 60 gals were truly worshiping. There were a few times while singing my tears just rolled down my face. To hear worship like that was glorious. I had been to a few practices to get the power points set but to hear worship the way worship should be is awesome.

What it all comes down to is: He completes me. God completes me.

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts as I read though all my notes but this is what God was working on in me.

As for the other areas of the retreat. The food was good. The ladies were fun and the sharing and supporting each other was great.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so glad you had a good weekend. Sounds like the presence of God was all over it.
I love the fact that God spoke to you about being His little girl. That touches my heart too. We are His little precious is that. This took me so long to get since I did not get this with my Dad when I was growing up. It brings such a sense of protection...just what you wrote about with the picture of the Dad tossing up his son.
Life does do things that make us feel as if we have been tossed into the air. It brings such peace to know that He is going to catch us....even if our hearts are in the pit of our stomach during the ride. :)
I thought about your Dad while you were writing about God being your Dad....if he knows what is going on down here I am sure that brought a huge smile to his face. His little girl knows she has not been left without a Dad.
That touches my heart.
Have a great day today!
Thank you for this reminder in your post today.

SharonB said...

Sandi you did a great job! I'm still amazed by the way God orchestrated the retreat to flow so well.

I too have struggled with God being enough at times - it's when we are filled with the fullness of God that we know He is enough!