Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Friday

The power points are done. The music is learned. The speeches are written and everyone is ready for God's word. We leave for our women's retreat tomorrow morning, some will leave late afternoon. Well meet Friday night through Sunday morning. We will go with God's flow the way he leads. I am so excited.

So family Friday is being typed tonight.
I am starting with a sore throat and cold. I hope it doesn't bring me down this week end. Other news, I may have a second baby sitting job that will set me financially for the winter and still only be 2 days a week.

Hubby has been great helping me get ready this week end. He also has been enjoying taking Kaci for her nightly walks now that it is not so hot.

Amanda keeps busy with school and now is deciding on a community service project for one of her classes.

I haven't heard much from our son. I guess that is a good thing.

I'm told Ryan has two teeth! He is 7 months old now. Getting so big so fast. Steve is working a lot of extra hours. Nikki is just enjoying keeping Ryan out of mischief.

Mom is doing good. She talks to her cats during the day and they are always right near by. I do believe God planned for those two cats just for her to take care of mom when Dad passed on.

2 comments: said...

Hi Sandi. I have a nice award for you over at my blog for you to pick up! Love and hugs, Grams

I hope you get to feeling better and are not sick over the weekend.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am glad to here that your Mom is doing good. It is good that she has something to take care of..and some little companions. :)
What I want to know is HOW was the women's retreat?
Are you feeling better?
And how did you do with the power point?
I know questions, questions. :)