Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not Much Going On

Don't have a whole lot to blog about. Last week was a busy week with VBS and physical therapy. This week I will need to catch up on cleaning. I will also get to watch Ryan so maybe I can get a picture of Ryan and Gramma for you.

I have a goal for next week of emptying out 1/2 of the guest room. OK it is a junk room right now. We have a futon and I fount this real nice bed quilt to put on it as a cover. My thought is in two weeks when hubby is on vacation we can take every thing else out of the room and start fresh.

I also want to get back to my hour time of bible study in the afternoon. I let that slip by being so busy last week. I when I got home each day I was tired. Then at night I had to prepare for the next day.

Still don't have a job for the fall. I have a possible lead but that would be working out of the home. After this past week I don't see how we will survive if I get that job.


Sharon Brumfield said...

We have seen God move in some miraculous ways lately. I know that He has your future job picked out and He is moving you toward it.
I thank Him for the things He has prepared for you.
And I am sure hubby loves the idea of the plans you have in store for his vacation time. ;)
But it will be great when you have your room back.
And I am with you on getting back to Bible time. During the conference we run non the time we get back to our rooms it is sleep time.
So that will be my goal this coming week. I miss Him. said...

Praying about new job! Putting that on the list. It is so Hot here! Love and hugs Grams