Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moving Day

Today in Sunday School we were talking about being citizens of Heaven. What does that mean and how does that effect our lives now.

It made me think about when people move. You buy a new home. Maybe you are building a new home. You start by looking for something that suits your needs. To do that you have to look at your life style. Once you found the house, you have to get things ready for the big move. You have to put pack. In doing that you need to toss some things out and buy some things new. You may have to paint and clean. If you are buying a home owned by someone you may have to fix something that is broken or doesn't work the way it should. You spend hours and days getting ready to move.

That is just what we should be doing while here on earth. Getting ready to move. Move to our home in heaven. We need to start looking at our life style, do we need to change? We need to go though the things in our lives. We need to toss some of the bad things and improve on other areas in our lives. We need to take order of our lives. You want to clean out your life so you have a pure life on the day you enter your earthly home. You may have broken areas in your life but with Christ you are healed. This won't happen over night. This may take years. You won't be ready to move till God calls you.

Here is another thing you do when you move. That is tell your friends and family. You let them know your new address. Well we need to tell others about God and how they too can move in with you.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Do I know about this process in the natural!
Good spiritual application....even if it is a much harder process than moving earthly houses.
I guess we won't be all moved in till He calls our name or we hear the trumpet! Won't that be a day!

Denise said...

What a great post! Moving day.... How we fear it and pray that it is delayed..... We want to stay in this old house as long as possible when all along we have a mansion waiting! Thanks for the reminder and I love the last statement! We need to let others know our new address ..... how great is that!!!!!!! said...

Thank you so much for your visit and telling me about your cousin who is helping Katie Huth who is a swimmer! I will be watching for her for sure!! This is so neat!!
You had another good post too!! Love and hugs Grams