Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Under Attack

I would like to ask for some prayer from all my friends. Saturday we are leaving on our mission trip to Philippi WV where I take a team and teach Vacation Bible School. Hubby is a team of auto mechanics and then our son works with a team of construction works.

This year in Bible School I am giving the gospel message very clear and offering an invitation on Thursday. I just feel God saying we will have some powerful things happening.

Anyway the evil one is starting to attack us. We had to deal with a misunderstanding with a friend tonight. It could have gone bad but I agreed to let God have control of the words. Another good friend is in need of surgery and can barely walk. His doctor doesn't want him to go but he still wants to. Pray for clarity and that they will be one in his decision in his marriage. I am now in an arm brace. The brace the doctor wanted for me won't be in for a week and since I only have a few days till we leave I had to go with his second choice. Pray this works and the pain will lesson so I can get some sleep and the pain medicine won't cause anything funny.

So as you can see we are under attack. Please pray for the evil one to stay away. For safe travel and hearts to be open to hear about Christ. Thank you my blogger friends.

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Denise said...

I will pray my friend and when the enemy raises his ugly head it means that he is afraid! He sees the annointing on your life and he sees that you are going to work a work for the kingdom of God.... It is his business to slow you down or stop you....... he is not able..... you go girl, the Lord has gone before.......