Friday, March 7, 2008

Family Friday

I'm going to see Ryan tonight I'm so excited.
Ryan now weighs 10lbs and 4 ozs. He is 21 inch. I can't wait to hold him. I know he will cheer me up holding my grand baby and giving him kisses. Nikki and Steve are doing good. They are trying to figure out this night thing call sleeplessness with a newborn in the house.

Our son is doing good. I believe starting Monday he will have mid-term and then next Friday he will be home on Spring break.

Amanda had mid-terms this week and is on Spring break starting 2:00 PM today. She needs the break. She had a few panic attacks this week.

Dad isn't doing well. Mom told me this morning that he started to fade so doctors had to use the paddles to bring him back. He is in ICU now. I don't understand hospitals. They sent him home yesterday at 3:00 PM by 5:30 PM I was calling and ambulance. Mom is so tired and I'm sure scared (she won't admit that). I am worried mom will become ill too. Many years ago when Dad had his first heart attack the day Dad finally came home from the hospital mom had a stoke. She had no lasting effects but still. I know how hard it is on us kids, it has to be worst on her. I pray she comes to know Jesus so she can drawl comfort from Him.

Hubby is very supportive. When I say we need to see Dad he drops everything and goes. He works odd hours so sleep for him can be an issue. Hubby knows how much I need to Ryan right now so he is OK with making the road trip tonight even though he works tomorrow.

As for me I don't know how to say I am doing. I can be happy and cheerful and then I think about Dad or talk to someone and just want to cry. Last night was the scariest thing I ever saw. I think I need rest too. Tomorrow is my Birthday and all I want is a happy day.


Denise said...

I continue to pray for your dad, and your mom. So glad you get to see your precious grandson, that will be really nice for you. Praying that you have a restful birthday my friend, I love you.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Sandi! I hope you get some good news today and have a wonderful birthday.