Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Day To Rejoice

Today was just so amazing. Our church is growing so fast. Today we went to 3 services and each service was very well attended. Attendence had been around 500 people if I remember correctly.

We had our largest number of children in the preschool class. We had 10 and 3 of our regulars were not there. That means we will have 13 of which only 2 are girls and they are sisters. Miss Susan and I take turns teaching and she taught today and did a great job.

But what amazed me even more is there were 123 adults who attended Sunday School! 123 Adults! Many times adults skip the Sunday School and just do worship. It is so awesome to see they want more of you Lord. I know the church is giving you the glory for all you are doing.
In return for this you Lord is blessing the church.

As for an update on my dad. When he was released last week from the hospital the doctor in charge of his discharge told him he no longer needed two of his medications he was taking for years. Now they are thinking that is the whole reason for his problems this time. They once again have him back on those medicines and he is feeling so much better. Today it felt good to hear dad say he can see himself coming home again in several days. He has been saying this is it. It is death.

Thank you for your prayers my heart and spirit are rejoicing today.

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Denise said...

Praise God for the growth in your church, and for taking such good care of your dad.