Friday, February 8, 2008

Family Friday

What a week!
First the GIANTS win the Super Bowl and I was all happy on Monday. Then Tuesday I woke up and my mother intuition told me today is the day I was going to be a Gramma. It was right on the mark. Now all week long when ever I go anywhere people are commenting on how happy I look. I'm gonna travel to see my grandson tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have a story to share.

I did get my mailing done. I just need to take them to the post office tomorrow. I now will be praying I get calls of inquiry.

John been busy working in his free time for a friend. He also found out the lump on his back is nothing to worry about. It is just a cyst.

Amanda could use some prayer. She has some pain we can't figure what the cause is. We are starting to thing it might be an ulcer.

Our son is quite and hard at work at school.

Of course Nikki and Steve are adjusting to parenthood. They have the cutest litte boy. They are so happy. They say Little Ryan looks like John. So we are digging the house looking for John's baby book. Didn't find it yet but we did find all the letters I wrote John while we were dating! He kept them how sweet. Can't wait to read them later tonight.

My parents are doing good. The kittens were fixed this week so it is calm right now at their house.

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Denise said...

I am so glad that you had such a wonderful week my friend.