Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This may sound odd to those who have never been to my home but I am so very thankful that this week our HUGE female box elder tree was cut down. As soon as the weather starts warming up in April these bugs come out and keep coming straight through Sept. at least. We would send $150 to spray every other month it seems. This year we heard a mixture of water and laundry soap will kill the bugs. We would have to spray several times a day and were killing hundreds of bugs a day. They were all over the place. And they lay their eggs on every thing. I couldn't hang wash out, I love that. The kids can't play outdoors and the bug would get in the house too. So we made the decision in Sept. to have the tree cut down. They came yesterday and finished today. I have a few pictures to give you an idea on the size of this tree. The base is 4 feet wide.

The before picture

Bob (my cousin) in the tree


It is gone

Stack of wood

Log size compared to our dog

I am just so thankful we can sit outside and even entertain outside when the weather warms this year. I am so happy.


Denise said...

Your home is lovely.

Anonymous said...

That is a blessing!!

Live Out Loud said...

Oh, I can relate. We had box elder trees to deal with at our old home. They were in the neighbors yard, so we couldn't cut them down, but we had the south facing house and they loved to soak in the sun. They were sooooo yucky! I certainly do not miss them! Happy you will not have to deal with them anymore!