Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Slow Down You Move To Fast

No I'm not talking about the years but they do move fast don't they. I am talking about you yourself. I was reading my devotions this morning when this blog came to me.

What does each day hold for you? Wake, shower, breakfast maybe a short devotion, off to work weather out of the home or at home, make meals, tend to family, run places, phone calls, emails, web surfing, church events, lending a hand to friends and if you have children at home well that is whole new list of things to do. I could go on but you get my idea.

Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.
So how well do you know God? How real is He to you? Is He a casual acquaintance or a dear, intimate friend? Maybe you need to deepen your friendship with your Lord. That will mean spending more time with Him. The more time we spend with someone the more we know them. We need quite time each day alone with God to become better acquainted with Him. If you do all the talking in a relationship how will you ever get to know them? You don't.

I know I try to be still and be quite but it is hard. That is when the phone rings or some in the house need me, thought of what I still need to do pop in my mind. But God is worth more than any of those thing so I must be firm with my time.

In this world we hurry to do so much in a day and yes some of it is work for the Lord. But what about our soul? Deep in our soul is where God dwells. So let me ask you.
Do you need to slow down and let your soul catch up with your body?


Kathy said...

Yes, that is exactly what I need Sandi! Thanks for your thoughts on this. I believe you and I are thinking along the same lines this New Years Day.

BP said...

Thank you for sharing. I found your site through Kathy. I'm glad I came over!

Sharon said...

Good post.
I am taking the first few weeks of this year to go over things with God and get started on the right tract.
Doing some slowing down and evaluating.

Denise said...

Amen, we all need to slow down my friend.