Monday, December 3, 2007

Help Needed

I am turning to my blogger friends for help. Hubby and I put up my parents Christmas tree this past week end. That is fine. The problem is their 3 month old kittens. They can handle them knocking ornaments off the tree. They have unbreakable. They just put them back on. The problem is Jack and Jill keep climbing the tree. We are thinking soon Jack will fall down and break more than a crown. We know Jill will be tumbling after because they are always together. But seriously does anyone have ideas on how to keep the kittens from climbing the tree. The tree is tied down. We tried squirting with the water bottle the kittens love that. So if you have any ideas please let me know.

Here is a picture of Jack thinking about climbing the tree.

On this next picture look closely at the bottom of the branch and you will see Jill's gray paws.


Denise said...

For the christmas tree, I spray Apple Bitter on the tree to keep my cat from biting and climbing the tree. Has always worked. I purchased it at Petsmart. It is a product for both cats and dogs. They taste it just once and they won't do it again!

Mark B. said...

I put an electric livestock fence around the bottom of the tree. Then stand back and watch the fur fly!