Monday, December 3, 2007

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Last night I watched my favorite Christmas special. A Charlie Brown Christmas. It first aired December 9th 1965.

I know the reason it remains at the top of my list for must see each year is the fact that it has the message of Christ's Birth when Charlie Brown finally says "Can anyone tell me what Christmas is really about?"

As I was watching it something caught my attention. Linus says "Christmas is getting to commercialized." That was 52 years ago. Look how much future we had gotten. Now our country wants to take the word Christmas away from us.

I would guess many in many schools this Christmas video would not be allowed to be shown, yet it is one the great ones. Can you imagine the Christmas books they would have to omit from libraries!

I must say at the school my children went to they have not taken Christ out of Christmas. This is a public school too. As of last year they still sang one or two religious Christmas songs at the high school concert.


Denise said...

I also love this show, I watch it every year.

Kathy said...

We love this Charlie Brown Christmas also for the same reason you mentioned.

Mark B. said...

Me thinks it was 42 years ago when Linus said, "I think Chrismas is getting too commercialized."

Sharon said...

My daughters school was the same until last year.
They can stop the songs but they will NEVER stop the story and the LOVE.

Linda said...

Thank you so much for your comments and your prayers for Jared - it means more than I can say. My son said Jared is climbing the walls - I guess that means he's more than ready to go home. Perhaps by the end of the week.
I totally agree about Christmas. I'm so thankful that here, in this corner of the blogisphere, we share the joy and real meaning of Christmas.