Friday, November 9, 2007

Family Friday

It is Friday! Time for the Family Update

Thank you all for praying for my dad. He doing good. I got to spend about 2 hours talking with him and it went well. Mom seem to be stressed but she doesn't talk about things she keeps them closed in.

Nikki and Steve are doing good. Nikki is now 6 months pregnant and only gained about 10 lbs so far. Her doctor would like to see her gain more but isn't real concern because all seems to be good.

Amanda's college had a fire at one of the dorm houses and 2 people died. She didn't know them personally but still it concerned us all. I thought it was so nice the college sent out an email letting everyone know what was going on so rumors didn't spread quickly.

Jason seems to busy studying. He will be coming home from college next Friday for Thanksgiving break. Life around here will get busy.

John is just looking forward to a weeks vacation starting tomorrow around noon. We have things we would like to do around the house, hope we get it done.

I didn't go back to my Nanny job this week. The family had other plans this week. I should go back on Monday. I have a Jockey Party showing tonight. It will be my first solo show. I also went out with friends a few days this week. I feel like I need some time just to do nothing. I just have a hard time getting to blog and read all the great blogs out there. The worst is I sometime put God second and then rush through my time with Him. I now acknowledge I need to change that and will.

Thanks for stopping by


Sharon said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on.
I know what you mean about the God time. I have to make sure that that stays a greater priority than all the other things out there calling for my attention.
Have some nice time with your hubby while he is on vacation.

Denise said...

Glad your family is doing well, bless you all. said...

Hi Thanks for your visit!! Please come back over! I have a sweet award for you over there!! Love and hugs, Grams

SharonB said...

Hey girl! Glad things are going well with your dad. Keith told me about the fire when he came home...didn't realize that's where Amanda is! I'm sure there was concern until you heard from her!

See you soon.