Friday, November 2, 2007

Family Friday

It has been a very busy week for family.

Tonight we all gathered at the high School for senior night as the cousin daughter is a senior so we all went support her in her last band performance. That was lots of fun. All of us enjoying a high school football game togehter. The weather was just right for football cold but not to cold.

I kicked off my new business it is Jockey home clothing parties. I did really well money wise. I also had so much fun this week with it. I kept busy with 2 bibles studies and teaching 3/4 yr. old Sunday School. Monday I go back to doing my Nanny job.

Hubby has teeth problems. He had a tooth pulled and now needs more surgical procedure to build a bridge to give him a false tooth. Hubby also asked me to attend a marriage enrich seminar later this month. I'm looking forward to this. Our marriage is good but we can always use improvement.

Amanda had moments this week her computer crashed while she was doing some college work. It is only a year old but she decided she is going to buy a new computer. Other than that she is a joy to have around the house. Her Nanny made fall cut-out cookies and she is reaping the harvest of them.

Jason gets his car fixed next week. Someone rear ended his car the other week at college. The kid's dad is going to pay it so they didn't have to get the insurance company involved.

Nikki said she is looking forward to the holidays this year. She is now 6 month pregnant and everything is going well.

My parents are so enjoying their kittens. My mom seems so happy with them. My dad always has a funny story to tell about Jack and Jill. They also had a long list of things for my hubby to do around their home.


Toni said...

You are so sweet. Glad you
feel a little better!

Denise said...

Bless your dear family.

SharonB said...

Wow! You've been busy this week! Guess you MUST be doing glad to hear it!

Hey...we are going to the marriage seminar too!! :-) said...

So glad you are doing better!! Love, Grams