Friday, October 26, 2007

Family Friday

Hubby is the best. He seems to taken cleaning to a whole new stage. I'm kind of wishing he will still do the cleaning at least once a week when I can return to it. He cleans even in pain. I told him to take a day off but he wouldn't You see he went for a root canal and they could save the tooth so he had to go and have the tooth pulled that same day. I know he was hurting. I said you can take the day off but he would not. He even went to help his friend Alan between dentist on that day. What a guy! He is the best to me and others.

I had my follow up visit with my doctor. She won't release my yet to do anything. Don't go back till Nov. 12th. I'm guessing God has some big busy plan coming my way that he wants me rested for. That is what I tell myself so I don't go insane. Friend Deb called we are trying to plan a fun day of some kind to keep me sane too.
I officially started my new business this week. I am a personal comfort fitter with Jockey person to person. I've been doing online training all week. I get to show my line of clothing this coming Monday. I am really excited about this.

Our son sent out and s.o.s. he needed food. Sunday in church we heard one of the guys were going down to the college this week end, so I made a care package with soup, spaghetti o's, cereal, snacks, and home made cookies. I hope it will hold him till Thanksgiving break.

Nothing new with the girls in the family. All has been quite.

3 comments: said...

Thinking about you and still praying all will be ok! Blessings Grams

Denise said...

Congrats on the new business. Your husband sounds like a real angel.

Kathy said...

What a great husband! You must have the cleanest house in the country. I'm well and I don't clean that much.