Friday, October 19, 2007

Family Friday

It I Family Friday. I enjoy sharing my family with you.

I'll start with myself. Surgery went very well. The home recovery time is hard. I don't like not doing anything. I am having emotional times. Today my feet and lower legs are swollen. I'm told that means I am on my feet to much. This week I read 3 books and worked ahead on my Beth Moore Bible Study. Monday I go to the doctors to see how she thinks I'm doing.

Hubby is the best. I mean the absolute best. He is doing all the house work and even cleaned the curtain today. It is raining outside but he cleaned the curtains anyway. No ladies I will not share his domestic talents with any of you. He is my keeper.

Our son is doing great at college just having a few challenges in other areas. But he trusts the Lord and I know it will all workout. I heard he told his Aunt he will be coming home soon because he wants mom (me) to buy him groceries. I will I just need his list.

Nikki and Steve are doing good. Nikki and I are making plans for me to come for a visit and do some shopping. Thought maybe we could get some Christmas shopping done before I go back to work.

Amanda is doing great at college. She is keep so busy. She spends lots of time studying or baby sitting. She has also been very talkative lately.

My parents are enjoying their kittens. My dad gets up around 1:30 AM to go the bathroom and then stays up and plays with the kittens for an hour. Mom says the kitten push her off her chair when she sits down. I find this hard to believe the kittens are only 8 weeks old.


Denise said...

I am happy that your family is doing well sweetie. Please take care of yourself, love you. said...

Please do take care of yourself! I know that it so hard to do when you want to be up and about! Thinking about you and praying, too!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a great inventory of your family. Thought is was kind of cute about the cat being strong enough to push someone off a chair.:)
Sure they have a kitty cat?
How cool that God has given you a domestic guy. I think my husband would look at me like I was crazy if I said something about cleaning the curtains.
Hope the swelling has gone down in your feet and legs and that you will get a good report from the doctor.

Kathy said...

What a great husband to do all that housework for you!