Friday, October 5, 2007

Family Friday

I am feeling better, drugs are a wonderful thing. I am leaving in about 7 hours for a Women's Retreat and will not be back till Sunday afternoon. There is no doubt I will have a good time. A group of women all week end and chocolate (I'm bring as my snack to share) means laughs, tears, bonding and growing. This is what I need as next Friday is surgery day.

Hubby will be busy this week end. His best friend surprise party tonight, going to visit our daughter on Saturday, football Sunday. I know he'll miss me, he say when I'm away he misses OUR (not my) talking.

Our daughter, Nikki and Steve will celebrate their first Wedding Annerversity. God has blessed my daughter with a great husband and wonderful in-laws. They don't live near by butI know she is taken care of with the love she receives. They are excepting their first child in February.

Our son is home on fall break. He pulled in late Wednesday and will leave Monday. I did get a little time with him.

Our youngest daughter is finely getting better. I thank her for this illness she passed on to me. I can tell the medicine works for me. It took her there trips to Dr. to get the right medicine for her.

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Denise said...

I am very glad the medicine worked, and that you are feeling better. Praying for you to have a wonderful time at the retreat.I would so much appreciate you adding me to those prayer lists. Jesus and I love you my friend.