Tuesday, July 31, 2007


John has vacation this week and said "Please don't plan work for me this time. For once I would like a vacation where I don't have to do anything except take the dog for a walk." Man's best friend is important. I thought well so would I, but I said "OK you make the decisions the whole week on what you want to do." So are he has WORKED on his jeep and in WORKING on our son's car that will be a two day project. He WORKED around my parents home doing some catch up jobs and right now he off to help a group of guys WORK on moving our pastor. What I am noticing he is doing more WORK planning his own days than if he left it up to me.

Our daughter called they were taking her father-in-law to the hospital. Something with his Kidneys. Please pray for Rodger. She had to go pick up his dog and bring the dog to her house to stay. I find this funny because when ever my father would go the hospital we would always get a call to go take care of the dog. Man's best friend is important.

I've been busy planning and prepare for our camping trip this week end. It has been about 5 years since we were camping, I'm excited. I have a menu planned and I baked cookies to share around the fire(we are going with a group from church). John promised our dog they would sleep out in the tent one night this week. Man's best Friend is important.

Either tonight or tomorrow I'm going over to my cousins, I hope, see what kind of cats/ kittens they have. My parents are thinking of getting a cat or another dog, since the dog past away last week. If I have my way it will be a cat. Cats are easier for me to take care of when they go to the hospital or on vacation. Beside my mom doesn't really dogs she always was a cat person. So this time we are pulling for Woman's best friend being important the CAT.

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