Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Long Day

What did we do yesterday you are wondering? First I can't believe it was yesterday and I'm on another day. Didn't come in to the dorm to go to bed till 2:00 AM. 3 of us ladies and 2 teen girls sat in the lounge talking and getting to know other christian women better.

So on to what happen yesterday. VBS had 52 children. I was asked by one little girl what it means to pray. So I got to share how to talk to God. I explained it was as easy as the two of us sitting here talking. What a joy Bible school has been to me. We don't have VBS today as it is our day off and we are going canoeing.

In the after noon, Sue, Colleen and I took little David to the different work sites so he could see where all his friends are working during the time he is at bible school. You see David thinks they are missing our on getting to know Jesus because they are not at VBS. David was even given a paint brush at one site to do some work of his own. This home is in very sad shape. In our area back home it would have been condemned unlivable by housing authority. As we got into the car to go to the next site David said to me. When I get bigger I'm coming back and fixing the house up so it looks nice. David understands how they live because he has lived in many home (14 homes in his 4 years of life) just like some of they homes the people are working on. At the next site John Kugal took the time to sit with David on his lap and show him some tools and how they work.

As the adult, the 3 of us ladies had lots of fun and laughter driving around God's beautiful country roads.

For dinner last night we had a picnic at the community park. The park is open to the whole community and we have dinner with them and get to talk and know them. I met a lady named Terry who will be going on a mission trip this fall. She is excited as she became a believer a little over a year ago. She wants to serve as she was served.

So we got back to the dorms around 9:00 PM and then spent the night away talking. For that reason I am still tried and don't have my thought together for this blog.

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Sharon said...

Sandi I am really enjoying keeping up with all that's going on. Can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things God has been doing when you all get back. May God be praised by all you are doing.