Friday, April 13, 2007

Putting the Past Behind You

Why do we keep looking behind us when we are hurt? We don't enjoy the hurt feeling yet we keep going backwards. We need to keep our head up look forward. What a joy it is to focus on our future and not over our past.

I had a boy I use to b-sit for that would be walking along and he would walk smack into signs or brushes. We would tell him he need to look up and focus on where he is going but he was so consumed with talking about "things" that he didn't keep his head up and look forward.

Recently I went through a painful experience with needing to leave a church that many of us feel is not truly following God's will. I had to leave a few friends and move on because God wants me to keep my head up and look forward to him. I had a hard time giving up the church blogs and web sites because I wanted them to suffer like I was. Each time i read a site, I would come away hurting because they didn't seem to be suffering. Finally God said to me. "I am all you need they are mind to deal with"

He is so right. I put my past behind me and I am growing so much in my Christian Life. I see growth in how I handle situation too. Recently someone (non believer) asked me to go to TEA with them. They would like to know how I have a peace when my life is blowing in many directions. Another person who I've know for a few years said "I just have to tell you I see a peace when I look in your face, something I don't think I ever saw before."

Thank you Lord for your Peace

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