Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday/Wednesday In Philippi

I'm writing this afternoon while we wait for the team to come back. See it is the day off when the group goes canoeing not me. If you knew me to years ago you know why.
I spend the day with Susan and Deb. We did some site seeing. We toured Anna Jarvis house museum. She is the women who created mother's day. The home was also used by both the North and South during the Civil war. It is a wonderful house. It doesn't have the museum feeling.

Last night one of the things we talked about till late (besides why the guys shaved their legs) was what the guys have been doing. Dean is working on a home that needed a ramp, door and windows. World Vision get most supplies donated to them. So you use what is given and make it fit. They got a door that was taller than the trailer and had to make it fit. They raised the roof a little. Now sitting here I'm wondering why didn't they cut some off the door? They also have 4 different size windows to fit in one size openings. Well if you had no windows I guess you wouldn't care if you ended up with 4 different windows. Would you want that in your home? Just think about living a full year without windows.

Our teen girls are spring house cleaning a home. They are so shocked by what they see. Layers of black soot and animal doo doo all over the carpets, chairs and bed. Yes I said bed.

Bob is doing odd jobs and lots of running here and there to fix things that break.

John has been doing break repairs on automobiles. Rhonda, Nate is helping John.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I pray that God continues to give ya'll the strength to do what He has called you to do. And that as you go among the people He has created that you carry the glory of God with you in a mighty way!

I know they will love their new windows.
Going to see why the guys were shaving their legs. :) said...

You are doing such a good work!! This has to be hard for the teenage girls. In fact it would be hard on any one cleaning this up. Bless their hearts!!

Praying that God gives you all the right words to use for all of the people you are working with to find Jesus as their Savior!
God Bless you, Sandi!