Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Doing Things

I spent last week and today getting things ready for our mission trip next month. I thought everything was set for VBS but found out the crafts were no longer available so had to pick out some new ones. I'm not a crafty person. Now working on getting Vans to pick the kids up.
Another area this year on our mission trip is Adult Reading. There is a group of women who would like to help a few adults learn to read. Last one man had asked for help the last day so this year we thought we would offer it to the community.

Saturday hubby and I went to a wedding of a young couple who went with us on the mission trip last year. It was a special day because it was also Hubby's and my 28th anniversary.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Hey it was great to see a new picture of YOU!
Ya'll look like you were having a great time.

I pray everything goes smoothly with the planning of the trip and VBS.
And how cool to be able to teach an adult to read...what a blessing.
Know you are super busy...just wanted to say...HI!