Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joy Takes Control

I am so enjoying not worrying. I give concerns to the Lord and am filled with Joy as I see how He answers things. I can't even describe the joy that fills me lately in these situations.

I must say where I can't see a way He make the way. I am finding by not fretting about a need and praying about it, the need seems to be filled quicker than when I use to worry. Just another reason not to worry.

One of my concerns recently was filling a position for this years mission trip VBS. I've been praying about it for two months as I pray for the trip. Just this week someone stepped up to head the bible story time and then today someone who wasn't going came up to and said they decided now they can go and is willing to help the person who is doing bible story. I was praying for one person but God gave me two.

I've learned sometimes my concerns may not be met but the reason to that is God may not want to fill it because He has other plans. Who am I to argue with God's plans his way is perfect.

I've replace worry with Joy.

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Denise said...

Good for you dear one.