Monday, March 9, 2009


Once again God is telling me is Enough. I need to accept that. Why do I put thing and needs on the people around me? The only one who can provide what I need is God.

This week end my expectations were high and I felt left down once again. I don't understand why. I felt hurt. So when I questioned why, I realized I'm expecting earthly people to fill a need. If they would of, I would have felt like I achieved a great week end. But I don't achieve anything out of God's will.

God has been hammering me with He is Enough. I don't understand why I can't accept that. So I'm sure God will keep allowing this type of disappointment till I grow enough to accept He is all I need.

Think about it. We don't need anything, nothing. God is ALL.

Lord why do I long to be filled by people. Why don't I give it all to you so you can be my all. Lord help me make the next step in accepting you are ENOUGH.

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Denise said...

God is all we ever need, He is more than enough.