Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Thirty years ago today I went on a blind date. I was suppose to go on this date for St. Patrick's Day but I had to baby sit so it was set up for the next day March 18, 1979. At this time I was a senior in high school. He came and picked me up in this car that one look and you would wonder does it really work? We went first to the Movies. We watched "Good Guys Wear Black". Then we went to the local pizza place. That person is my hubby, John.

Here is something I found interesting. Yesterday on my facebook I got an email for a gal named Donna asking me if I was the same person who use to baby sit her so-o-o-o long ago. So yes on St. Patrick's Day I heard from the little girl I use to baby sit 30 years ago. I'm sure she is not a little girl because it seems she has a son in high school.


Denise said...

I enjoyed this post.

Sharon Brumfield said...

What a great post..and happy anniversary!
And then I will say that I'll bet that contact made you feel a tad old.
:) It is amazing when I see people that I used to have in preschool...I still think of them as kids. And sometimes it takes a while for that to compute.
Just before I got married I was a Nanny in Virginia...those boys should now be about 26...Yikes!
Times does fly.