Monday, February 16, 2009

I am happy to say my life isn't real busy right now. But then you may wonder why I'm not posting more. Well the answer is simple. I am giving more time to doing my bible studies. I am doing Nehemiah on Sunday night, Colossians on Tuesday night, Soul Repair, (rebuilding your spiritual life) and lastly I am working my way through Judges now with two friends.

Do I feel I am busy, no, I am enjoying all the studies. I am learning so much. I do my studies instead of watching TV. This does not take away from my morning devotions. I actually look at the times I spend doing these studies as my hobby or relaxing time. I learned a long time ago if I feel I am over committed to things to say no. I don't feel that way with my studies. Hubby is doing Nehemiah and the Colossians study group too. It is something we enjoy doing as couple. Some of you may enjoy going to a movie or out to eat, we enjoy going to bible studies. Yes if life gets busy we skip the week. We don't feel bad we know we are OK.

I also realized I haven't been reading novels much so I went to the Library and got a book this week. I got DEWEY. It is about a cat that lives in the Library. I will spend some time reading novels again.

So if I don't post daily like I once did, don't panic did something happen. I'm fine just spending time with my bible.


Denise said...

Time in the Word, is always time well spent my friend.

Linda said...

I don't think you could be spending your time in a better way. I believe the Lord puts that hunger for His Word in our hearts. said...

Good for you!! Time well spent!! Love and hugs Grams