Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan

Ryan will be 1 year old tomorrow. Saturday he was at Grammy house for a party. Enjoy a few pictures we took.

I call this one the kitchen crew. If you see Ryan is at the bottom. I have a feeling Ryan will on day be a great cook. Also in the picture is Pappy, our dear friend Deb, Mommy and Aunt Amanda
Ryan got a Tonka Fire Truck from his Great Aunt Lois. He loved it.

This is Ryan and my great nephew Brandon, they are second cousins. Brandon is 3 weeks older than Ryan.

This is Ryan greeting his great Aunt Wendy.

Ryan's cake was a cupcake cake. It you look closely you will see it is made of cupcakes but the top looks like a sheet cake.

Ryan had icing for the very first time. I must say he enjoyed it and loved it. Ryan had to go right to Gammy's bath tub when he was done eating while his party was still going on. I found blue icing smudges in the bathroom Monday while I was cleaning. A reminder of all the fun we had.

Happy Birthday my precious one.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday to dear Ryan.

Linda said...

He really is precious. Happy Birthday little one.