Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Stand In Awe

God is Amazing. I stand in Awe. This blog could of have many titles like A Story Part 3 but I am in Awe of my Lord.

To catch people up quickly, I was scammed by an Ebay seller part 1. They caught the person and I was refunded in full. Then our son had major car problems part 2. Hubby did his best with the car but it was too the point only a dealership could do the next part.

So they look the car over and at one point the total was close to $1000. Ouch a college student doesn't have that and we don't either. We don't have credit cards so hubby said He would just have to do the rest. Our bill then would be about $300. The guy said let me see if I can bring the price down. He got it down to about $700. Still high hubby thought. But our wonderful son agreed to pay $300 if we could do the rest. So Hubby called the guy back. We were told the car would be ready tomorrow. That was wonderful news I was thinking our son would have to take my car back to college. Then around dinner time the guys calls again. The car is ready and the total is $450. I said thank you, thank you. You just made one college student very happy. The guy says yeah he would of been paying $300 now it is only $100. Hubby and I went over and picked up the car about 1/2 hour away. When we were about 5 minutes from home the freezing rain had stated and the road were just starting to get icy.

Isn't God awesome. He is just amazing. I would never of thought this is the way answered prayer would come. I was looking for it in needing more money. I must also say I never stressed out, got upset, worried or doubted. I have a calm and peace about the whole situtation. I stand in Awe of my Lord.


Kathy said...

Great testimony!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I haven't been around much...as you can tell. :)
But what a great testimony to come back to. Girl, God was so working on your behalf!
What a wonderful story.

Linda said...

I love it when the Lord blesses in such a unique way. It is encouraging and uplifting. Thanks for sharing your story.

Denise said...

Such a wonderful testimony.