Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Neighbors

We had new neighbors move in today. I haven't had a chance to meet them but hope to soon. From my cozy spot on the couch, with my laptop on my lap if I look out the window I can see the house and moving van. Yes I'm human so I am noisy to who they are. I would look out from time to time to see what they were unloading. Somethings came off the van with ease other things took extra care and work. Then came to locale appliance store with the new appliances. I later ran to bank and as I was coming home the wife (I believe) was hanging some fall decorations on her door. And a God thought popped into my mind.

When we except Christ it is like moving into a new house. We keep some old and restore some with new. Some things in our lives we can just get rid of, the bad, the sin with ease; once we know it is there. Other times God needs to use care and take His time to replace the old. We like to decorate the outside no matter what is on the inside. We want those passing by to see someone nice and put together. When we open the door we have boxes holding things down inside. Or we just are a mess. But with the Holy Spirit we can clean up our house. We will always have dusty spots in our lives but God is a forgiving and loving God so He will help us clean house.

I hope I didn't confuss you to much but it really got me thinking.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Yes, you are right we like to decorate the outside to hide the inside.
Right now my outside is a real clue to how I am doing on the inside.
Thank God that He will continue to work until the inside is a place that He is at home in.
He still has a lot of throwing out to do. ;)
I met some of my neighbors today to.
She lives on the other side of the camp ground and we were doing laundry at the same time. We had a nice talk but something felt funny. Anyway I will be praying for her..... and you go meet those new neighbors!
How is the bathroom coming?

Denise said...

I enjoyed this dear.

Linda said...

I think it is a wonderful analogy. I know there is always "moving" going on inside my heart!