Monday, September 22, 2008

New York City.

I spent the day in New York City with my friend Deb. Her husband dropped us off the morning. We walked a lot and I mean a lot. We both had comfortable walking shoes but even with comfy shoes our feet were sore and tired. We not only walked a lot we rode the subway a lot. We bought an all day pass for $7 and rode at least 7 times. We first checked out this church that during 9/11 a hugh tree fell but missed the church and all the grave markers remained standing. We went to look at Grand Central Station. The building is beautiful. We walked around Time Square. We walk though Cental Park and Walked around the American Museums of Natural History. Then we took the subway down to the Staton Ferry.

Here are two pictures I took but they aren't real great as all I had with me is the phone camera.

Cental Park


We go back to NY in a few weeks to hang with Rachel Ray. Can't wait.


Sharon Brumfield said... the change! I so want to do this but I just could not figure it out. This looks great!

And what a fun trip to the "City" fun. One day I would love to visit New York. Wouldn't want to live there but I would love to check out some of the things I have seen on T.V.
So..your gonna go see Rachael Ray? As part of the audience or on the show? :)
See I have a pretty good memory. You mentioned something about that long ago.
Thanks for sharing your trip.
Glad ya'll had a good time. said...

Your new look is Great!! How Neat is this! I can't do my header and Will have to wait for Karen to do it.
You got to go to New York City!!!!
I have never been there. I bet you just loved seeing everything or almost everything!!
You get to see Rachael Ray! Wow!! You will love that!! She seems like so much fun! Love and hugs, Grams

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great day. I have never been there, but hope to go one day.