Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Short Day

One short day and so much happened. I started my day by walking to the post office to mail some stuff to our son and eBay things I sold. The walk is 20 minutes one way. I took that time to pray for a friend who is a signal mom.

The boy's father took her to court today because he has decided he wants custody. No major decision has really been made. The will be back in court in Oct. The boy will stay with the mom during the week for now and in his school. The Dad moved about 2 hours away.

Then the pastor of our church called and asked me to head up the Children's Sunday School program. I had met with him an Elder about a week ago. We talked about a few things. I was told I need submit a budge within a month. I have no idea of the current working budget so I guess I will have some research to do.

Next I had to take Milo back to the vet. He has developed an infection. Now the medicine makes him sleepy or drunk. We haven't decided yet.

When I came home I heard from the Rachel Ray Show. I will be there on Wednesday Sept. 10th in the afternoon for the taping of her show. I am really excited.

I didn't have time to study my book that I wrote about yesterday but I will later tonight. I've been asked about the title of the book. Loving God With All Your Mind by Elizabeth George.

Oh and isn't this just the happiest baby. I can hear Ryan laughing long distance.

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