Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Man Named Tiny

This man named Tiny was not small in any form. He would sit in a chair and watch Hubby and Steve work on cars. Tiny loved sharing stories about living here in Phillippi "up on the Ridge" . We learned Tiny can't read. He was not proud of that, however he was not ashamed to tell people. One of the mom's in our group, who home schools, decided she would try to teach Tiny to read on Friday. She worked hard with him all morning. By the time the work day was over. Tiny read three books and wrote two letters. The first letter Tiny wrote was to God. Thanking him and telling God he loves him. The second letter Tiny wrote was a love letter to his wife. How beautiful. Last night before we left. Tiny asked Hubby for his address he would like to write to hubby. He also told him he is looking forward to reading the bible to hubby next year when we come here again. Isn't our God an awesome God.

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